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Each patient in our residential mental health and substance abuse sober living treatment facility is required to attend therapeutic group treatment, combining traditional rehabilitation programs with sober living and compassionate care.

Our residents come from all walks of life, including veterans, recently and long-term homeless, recently out of prison and from the department of corrections, and those on probation and parole.


Our houses function as a surrogate family, with residents supporting each other in their recovery journey. Each resident has recovery expectations and goals that our staff help them work towards every day.

Recovery Services

Areas Of Assistance

Life Skills
Food Stamps
Resume Help
Addiction Treatment
Peer Coaching
Recovery Planning
Stride Sober Living

Our Mission

Stride sober living is committed to providing structure and support for individuals experiencing crisis and transition by providing safe environments and guided care to rebuild and make strides forward. Stride is here to help you on your new path.

Military Veterans

Stride Sober Living is a Veteran owned company that prides itself in the services it can provide to those with addiction issues who are veterans. We have VA coordinators who can connect you with VA services like medical care, dental, vision, housing and disability ratings.

Our staff has the Addiction Treatment in Military & Veteran Culture Certificate through NAADAC, which helps our staff better serve the community better. We’re committed to doing all we can for the military community.


It’s important to know the cost and length of stay when considering a sober living, The choices can be overwhelming. The cost of treatment and the time one can devote to treatment are the biggest factors for most people. We generally recommend at least a 90 day commitment.





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$150 All residents are required to pay a one time non-refundable intake fee.


$700/ Month $200/Week

Supply Fee:

$25 Month covers basic essentials such as laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and hygiene.